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Concerts Are Both Fun & A Chance to Get Away

Ever feel like you need a break? Something to recharge your batteries? Maybe a little music? Well, that is why Bel Canto sings, and we hope you’ll come out and hear us!

What is Bel Canto and how the heck do you say it? Our name is pronounced bel con-toe. Literally it means “beautiful singing” which is appropriate, since that’s what we’re all about! We are an ensemble of more than 40 professional musicians who present exceptional, innovative and engaging concerts for a diverse array of audiences. In short, we love choral music, and we want you to love it, too!

A Bel Canto concert is more than just entertainment (although it is certainly that!). Every concert tells a story, some whimsical, some philosophical, and some just about the outright joy of music-making. Check out this video to hear Artistic Director, Welborn Young, and two of our singers, Tandy Brown and Winnona Roshan, talk about what Bel Canto means to them.

Finally,  a note about what we are not…Bel Canto is not a church choir! Nor are we affiliated with any church or religious denomination. We sing in churches because they are the finest acoustic spaces in the city of Greensboro. Also, a Bel Canto concert is not a stodgy affair. We want you to have fun listening to the best choral music. We know we have a blast singing it! And, we’re not expensive! Tickets range from $5 for students to $22 for a general admission ticket. You don’t have to dress up,  you don’t have to be a music expert, and it won’t break the bank to enjoy one of the finest ensembles in the region. No matter your background, all are welcome at our concerts. You just have to love music, and that’s something almost all of us have in common!

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