Bel Canto Company

Bel Canto Live! Radiance

  • O Radiant Dawn

  • There Will Come Soft Rains

  • In Your Light

  • Soneto De La Noche

  • Let the People Praise Thee, O God

  • When at Creation's Dawn There Was No Sound

  • Sure on This Shining Night

  • Light of a Clear Blue Morning

  • The Sweetheart of the Sun

  • I Can Tell the World


Universal themes – loss and love, death and life, darkness and light – weave together in the third album of the Bel Canto Live! series. Recorded at two concerts, From Darkness to Light, in April 2015, and In Time of Strife, in October of the same year, these songs capture the essence of the indomitable, soaring human spirit.

The image of light is present throughout this album and an apt symbol for love’s many forms. Love is an essential part of being, but it comes with risk. To love is to open ourselves to loss, a deal we willingly make because love is worth it…And sometimes loss is the beginning of something new and more profound.

In times of happiness or sorrow, hope or despair, lifting our voices in song helps us to express the inexpressible. Song gives voice to both our joy and our grief – it lightens the darkness of doubt, pain and sorrow with its beauty. We hope you will delight in listening to these radiant songs as much as we do in singing them!

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